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We are located 10 miles west of Cadillac on M-55. Come on over and browse through our wide selection of used cars. We have over 100+ cars and trucks in stock at any given time. Our inventory changes daily.

A true American Dream success story, the Galvanek family had always liked the idea of creating an auto auction business close to home. In 1976, that dream became a reality and they opened Galvanek’s Auto. Ed and Alice Galvanek founded the company, along with their two sons Dennis and Jack—the workhorses of the family. Alice was known as the glue that held the business together. Dennis had three sons: Edward, Christopher and Charles.

Today, the company is run by Charles and Edward, Dennis’ youngest and oldest sons. Thanks to a strong economy, they saw the company’s biggest period of growth between 1995 and 2006, when all three of Dennis’ sons were working. And they continue to grow and succeed thanks to their hardworking and dedicated employees.

Interestingly, Edward and Charles didn’t always intend to be a part of the family business. But once they saw the opportunity to help the business grow and succeed, they couldn’t help but throw their hats into the family business ring.
The Galvaneks know that running a family-owned business has its ups and downs. It’s great to live close to work. It’s beneficial to be able to work with a group of people that you care about, and know you can trust. And even though it’s tough to get along sometimes without a little bloodshed, it’s invaluable to know that your co-workers are truly invested in the business.

Hard work, honesty and trust are the principles that guide the Galvanek family, and it’s those values that have made their company so successful. Hard work, honesty and trust are what you’ll get if you head just nine miles west of Cadillac on M-55 to look at a new or used automobile.

Stop by Galvanek’s that’s been owned by the family for 37 years. They can be reached at (231) 862-3549.

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